Sunday, April 24, 2011

Awesome ladies day out!

Hanged out with my ladies -- Ling Sze,Catherine,Carmen,Pearly,Xue Ren and her sister Xue Wern yesterday and it was super awesome! XP It has been quite a long time we didn't hang out together since we were graduated? Btw,I wasn't invited to school's Hari Anugerah because I only got 7 As... >< Aww forget about it,back to the topic. 

Our first stop was -- Kay's garden,Desa Park City aka DPC. Was starving while waiting for Ling Sze boom boom car :O We reached around 2pm,Cat was there waiting already. As usual,I love pictures leading story ;)

Outfit of the day. I heart ma bag 

Hammy-sters! Shoo cute!

ARGH! They are so fluffy and I'm gonna die! XD
*erm,sorry rabbit,only the girls knew what happened*

Here's the menu.

Taken by Xue Wern.

Xue Ren's cappuccino.

Ling Sze's mushroom soup.

Xue Wern's bolognese spaghetti. It looks like lasagne more,hahaha.

My Cookies Frenzy. I prefer Secret Recipe's :O

My fish & chips.

Carmen's roasted salmon.

Xue Ren and Pearly's chicken.

Ahh,so full. Teehee :3

Kay's Garden,DPC second floor.

After that,we went to Ling Sze's house while waiting for the heavy rain to stop as we planned to go for a swim! The rain really did stopped,miracle,真是天助我们也! :D Before that,we took lotza pics in her house,we had nothing better to do XD

Taken by Xue Ren,my flowers :P


Me,Ling Sze,Carmen,Pearly,Xue Ren
*Cat went back after lunch*

Nice shot!

I wanna say it out again...

LOL! I feel like laughing whenever I see this picture! XD 
Credits to me,hahahahahahaha!!!!!

I love this ^^

LS and I
*she's going for NS :'( soon*

Carmen and Xue Wern

Xue Ren and I

It's L to the O to the V to the E !
Love is in the air 

Xue Wern.
After the rain stopped,LS fetched me home for me to change,we were going for a swim! My brother was following us too! XD

While waiting for me to change...
LOL,these girls ah :P

The sisters :)

Ling Sze,this is nice!

There are more pics taken actually,but not taken by me,I don't have those pics,otherwise I am going to upload them as well :( Anyway,I really had fun yesterday. Although all of us were exhausted,but we really enjoyed it,I bet all of us did ^^ Next time,I am going to learn free style until I success! Hip hip hurray! Shall upload those 'missing' pics again if I received them from my ladies next time,those pics are real fun and nice weyy :P 

Class tomorrow,aww :( Hopefully tomorrow will be my pink Monday,no Monday blues,hah. Okay,doodles loves 

Pixie dust,


  1. How come ladies onli!!! RAWRRRR!!! next time must ajak boys also :P the rabbits and hamsters are in your house ahr 0_0

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  3. Heeee I love the flower on yr head and yr red nails! Pretty (:

  4. hey! nice post! hope that we will have time for the next outing! =D

  5. your outfit stunned me as usual~