Wednesday, April 27, 2011

College fun

Today's 3D studies tutorial class from 2pm to 4pm was canceled,woohoo~ :D I feel like a bad student now,LOL. Well,since I have nothing to do,I shall blog about my college then. Had fundamental drawing on Monday. Miss Loo,our lecturer taught us about art measurement. I was dealing with PTPTN stuff and I couldn't attend her class,so I had to stay back with a few friends who were also dealing with PTPTN stuff. The PTPTN application took us a long time weyy,hmph!

Pity this random guy,Miss Loo asked him to help fixing the lamp thing.

We were using these sketchpads to draw. I prefer drawing on the table :P

Drawings and paintings on the wall.

Shh,class was going on.

Had lunch with friends at 'face to face' aka 面对面 after that. I bet I will finish tasting all the noodles in 'face to face' one day as I will be studying in PJCAD for 3 years. LOL.

Had art design and theory class in the morning yesterday. We were suppose to have 3D studies tutorial class from 2pm to 6pm,but Mr.Yus,an ID lecturer *a young one,kinda cute :D* told us that there's no need to attend tutorial class,unless you have questions to ask,which means we can ponteng openly next time,muahaha :D After I asked my questions,Karina and I went home very much much much earlier! XD How good if my classes end early everyday,wahaha. 

Before that,a few of us had lunch in Pino's,an Italian restaurant nearby with friends yesterday. The food weren't bad,the prices are reasonable,not a bad place to eat :) We ordered 3 thin crust pizzas,I was not full enough actually,but Karina stopped after the second piece,argh,no wonder I am getting fatter :S

These are my new friends in college -- *from left* Karina,Corlin,me,Li Jun,Yok Yee. There're still many of them,shall take some pics with the rest of them one day :) Had a crazy moment with them in drawing studio yesterday,all of us kept laughing non-stop like physco people XD 

Alright,that's all for now. I am enjoying my college life,I think so. Less homework,more fun,please? Hmm,kind of impossible. English and 3D studies tomorrow,have fun Steph!



  1. wow, enjoy while you can :D you'll miss college life when you start working and have a family, etc...

  2. Seems like u having fun in college deary! Enjoy ur college life! =D

  3. hahahaaa... ur college life seems fun lah!
    oso study design ohh? cool! me too! wakakakaa....

  4. Wow your college life is so fun!

  5. life is fun indeed =D I'm having fun in my college as well!

  6. Wow, Jun in the lower left is "hawt". :-) (Well, okay, you're not too bad either...hehe)

  7. ohh pjcad! :D the one in subang? :D hi min hua!