Thursday, April 14, 2011

College life begins

No uniform,no PJ shirt,no white school shoes. This is what college life is. Finally,I can wear anything I want,free my hair,and use any bag I like to college. 'This is not a fashion show,bear in mind.' That's what my mum always said,lol. Don't worry mummy,I know what to do. 

So,we had orientation on Monday. *I have a feeling that this is gonna be a very looooong post* Karina who is my friend as well as my classmate's mum fetched us at 8 in the morning. As usual,there're cars everywhere,jam jam jam especially in LDP. Reached college at 9am,then we went into the multipurpose hall. After a short speech from Mr.Henry,the head of PJCAD,we had ice breaking games. Everyone were separated into 4 groups,Karina and I were in the blue team. In the first game,each group was separated into half again and each of us had to wear diving shoes and run to the opposite side. That was funny because everybody couldn't walk or run nicely,it's like penguins walking,so cute,hahaha :D

Up next was a mentally tested game -- solve the riddles. We were separated into groups of 6,time given was 20 minutes. Oh my,we only managed to solve 2 out of 11 riddles! >< Luckily they did not punish the group with the least correct answers,phew. After a short briefing,we went back home. 

On Tuesday,we had talks about PTPTN loan and art materials which we are going to use for the first sem. Next,we were separated into 4 classes,class A,B,C and D. Karina and I are both in the same class,thank God :D My class is the 'fashion class',fashion students are in class A. I can feel the pressure among us already,just like what my dad said,'This is the reality and this is the society you are going to face and deal with in the future'. He scares me actually,but I know what he said is true. Hopefully I can do well in college,I wanne be successful in my life,just like Kimora Lee Simmons,but I wanna make my own designs my products.

On Wednesday,we went for a visit to Rimbun Dahan,Kuang,Selangor. Err it was okay okay,we were actually there for sculptures and forest? No idea,hahah. Took a picture with Karina,our first pic ;) 

And today,all of us went to FRIM,Kepong. We reached there by 10.20am. After separating us into 2 big groups,we were lead to FRIM museum. It reminds me of the 'toilet trip',lol.

Our first stop.

Miss Karina :D

Miss Stephanie :P

After that,the 'adventure' -- jungle trekking begun. OMG it was so scary and terrifying! Without leeches,I am okay with it,but with leeches,oh my God,I hate them! Before we enter the forest,we were given a short briefing and we were told that there will be leeches in the deep forest. Oh shi*,my heart almost jump outta my mouth. You serious? Oh yea,which forest is forest without leeches? I am so stupid. So,I requested to follow behind 'apen' -- short form of 'abang pendek' which was the leader. I kept 'stampeding' on the floor of the jungle,it's safer to stand on soil,not on the leaves. I stuffed my pants into my stocking,I didn't care,I know it looked damn funny but my life is more important,lol. 

The lane was steep,small and slippery. Everyone was so scared,so sweaty and sticky. Apen kept saying '5 minutes more' but he was lying >< Suddenly,I heard someone in front screaming,some of 'em even started crying. They were biten by leeches. OMG everybody started becoming panic and started screaming together,'accapella in the forest'. After a long torturing journey,finally we got to take a rest before we leave the forest. When I was checking my shoes,holly,I saw a small leech in my left shoe! When I took out the right one,OMG! The baby leech was crawling on my toe! Apen caught it away quickly and killed 'em :X Phew,luckily they didn't bite me and suck my blood out. Maybe my blood is not tasty,heheh.

The 'wow spot'. 
It's so beautiful and it did wowed us,lol.

Li Jun and I
She's my new friend and my classmate.

Karina and I
Look at our exhausted face.

Karina and I got back earlier because her parents were fetching us straight from FRIM instead of our college. Yay we are VVIP :D When I got back home,I took off my pants and top nervously to check whether those blood suckers did suck my blood or not. PHEW,I am safe. I'll never enter the forest anymore. Although this wasn't my first time experiencing it,but please,no more next time,I am afraid enough,of the leeches. 

I bet I'll have good night sleep tonight LOL. Jogoya with boyfie tomorrow,can't wait ^^ Here goes my first week of college,class will be starting next Monday. I believe that I will hate Tuesday and Friday,class from 9am to 6pm,hectic. Alright,don't worry,you can do it Steph,go go go with love! Take care,ciao.



  1. jiayou in your study can do it very well!^^

  2. my trip to frim was fun =) hope u enjoy your college life, sweetie =D

  3. all the best, stephanie! :D this is one of the phases in life you'll love the most...

  4. College life sounds so fun lol.

  5. College is very different from high school. At this stage, you start to make your dreams come true. And at this stage, you mature and dream of bigger things. So study hard and, at the same time, have fun in making your fortune.

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