Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Korea Yummeh

Had dinner with daddy's friends yesterday night. After thinking and discussing around,finally,we have made our decision to eat Korean food. Yeepee! I love Korean food especially kimchi soup and grill meat :D Kimchi soup is healthy and not fattening at all! But grill meat is the other way larh,heh :P

This is where we went -- LITTLE KOREA. It is located in Solaris Mont Kiara. Whoops I don't know what the address is,but it is very easy to find as there is a big 'Little Korea' sign above Ambank. If you see Maybank or Ambank or *forgotten*,you'll see Little Korea. Erm,if I am not mistaken,it's at the third floor. LOL what I remembered was to eat eat and eat until I forgot to record the prices and the names of the dishes down,sorry guys,hahaha :P Overall,we spent RM170 for everything (5 adults),quite reasonable as you can refill the side dishes for many times. Oh,the fruit salad is good :)

Slurp slurp,they look tempting isn't it? 

Kimchi soup,my fav of all!

Kimchi! My mum's expression changed when she ate this,her face told me,'YUCK!' XD

Grill meat,thumbs up!

Those side dishes are refillable. 

Grill Squid,not my fav :X
I don't fancy squids,I don't like Squidward either,I like Spongebob. 

Grill chicken! YUMMEH! :D

Korean pancake,hmm,okay okay lor.

Hehehe,I know you're feeling hungry right now,I am so evil XD

Mummy and baby Tommy,the friend's son.
He just couldn't stop moving,hahaha.

Steamed egg,this is very good :)

Uncle Jerry and baby Tom Tom.

LOL,we refilled those side dishes a lot of times until the waitress kept laughing.
Sorry miss waitress!

He looks exactly the same like his daddy.
'Tom & Jerry'. That's the reason why he got his name Tommy.


This is awesome. You wouldn't know what it is when you first tasted it,you will know until you almost finish the whole bowl because it just don't taste like 'it'. The answer is -- BARLEY!

Night night baby Tom,see you next time ^^

If you don't know what to eat next time,or you wanna try something different,try this,Little Korea ;)

LOL,I don't know why I am posting this picture. He is my brother,he attended a school event last night and I happened to capture this picture and...I am posting it here,now.
GRRR,why oh why :/ college life begins tomorrow. Kind of nervous *a little*,but kind of happy at the same time. Finally,I am not going to rotten myself at home. Hopefully everything will be alright,not a rainy day tomorrow. Please gimme sunlight,okay?

So,this is where I am going to study,diploma for 3 years,holly O.O

From now on,I am going to 'study hard'/design hard,I want a bright future! 
Go go Stephanie,AZA AZA HWATING! 

Pixie dust,


  1. I love korean bbq too! Btw, all the best in yr studies. Have fun in college :D

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  3. annyong haseyo! hahaha all the food looks yummy eh but i heard korean food damn spicy one lol! hahaha it can cause you jump like monkey onot