Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awesome VS Awful

Went to 1U with ex-classmates aka friends yesterday. 3 girls 2 guys. Finally,I get to watch 'Rio'. My brother kept laughing me saying that I am outdated,Rio is damn awesome,bla bla bla and stuff. DUH,now I've watched it,so shut up. Chee Kit,one of the guy fetched us at 1pm,and we reached there within 20 minutes. He is a dangerous driver,he speeds,just kidding LOL. 

We entered the cinema with popcorns and coke. The movie should start at 2pm,we waited and waited and waited... There was nothing,nothing on the screen,not even advertisements and movie trailers. Hmm,all of us in the cinema were wondering why. My bestie,Brandy and i kept eating our popcorns non-stop. Snatched a few pictures in the cinema as well,too free already. LOL,we bought movie tickets for popcorn eating instead of movie watching. After half an hour,a lady told us that they were facing a lil technical problem,it will be alright in 10 minutes,we can refund at the counter if we want to. Huh? After half an hour only inform us? Our popcorn almost gone already lor :O 

FINALLY,the movie starts. My friends and I were clapping for happiness,crazy people hahaha. The movie is about birdies. I love it,I think it's an awesome one,I find it funny and touching. It reminds me of the monkey's text -- 'OOO! OOO! AAA! AAA! :(I) ' HAHAHAHAHA!!! XD Dam funny wehh! After the movie,we went for present hunting. My guy friend Zi Qian wanted to buy present for his sister as birthday gift,my girl friend wanted to buy a dress for a wedding dinner,I wanted to buy a gift for my mum as her birthday present. Btw,HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELOVED MUMMY! WISH YOU HAPPY AND HEALTHY ALWAYS! I LOVE YOU! 

Spotted a lot of 'good stuffs' yesterday,I kept controlling my urge to buy things like clothes. I wanna buy clothes! Those clothes I spotted are real nice! XO Mummy,pleaseeeeee? :P Went back home at 6pm,jam jam jam :( Hate raining in the evening,it is troublesome and inconvenient. Here's some pictures to share.

In the cinema. We had nothing to do so...hahaha :P

From left : me,Brandy,Zi Ying

After buying stuffs,they had their dinner in a Thai restaurant ( forgotten the name >< ) and the rest of us went back home earlier.

Zi Ying with her tomyam,eh I thought you were craving for curry? XD

Brandy and Zi Ying.

The girls :)

Btw,I've been for a hair cut last week. Erm,I am still getting use to my new hairstyle. Many people told me that I will look nicer with short fringe instead of long long fringe. So,I had a try and this is the 'outcome'. I personally think that,it is just okay. Perhaps I am still not used to it,still getting to.

Meet my bang.
What do you think? :)

Went to college with Karina at 9.45am and guess what,our class started at 11am and it ended after half an hour! 30 minutes class? What's that? Our lecturer gave us an assignment *an assignment on the third day of college! ><*,telling us what to do briefly and that's all. Oh my God,we have assignment already,I can't imagine how my college life would be in the future. Busy? Hectic? Headache. So yeah,head gear making is the assignment. Ideas ideas ideas,I need you.

That's all for now. Take care peeps. Toodles ;)



  1. wow.. great outing there :) hehehe..

  2. i havent watch rio also.. yeah, heard it's good.. but still, no motivation to watch it.. lol :)