Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Avril Lavigne

I think I've fall in love with her recently. I'm not lesbian,no offence. I always love her songs especially her old song 'tomorrow',damn nice. Since I was bored,I went searching for her new songs & I was like...WOW,I LIKEY. 

These are my favorites,lol I know it's a lot,but they are real nice,not bluffing ;)

'I love you'

'Wish you were here'


'Not enough'

'4 real'

'Stop standing there'

'Everybody hurts'


'Remember when'

Well,I love 'em in random order. Tell me which song you like the most. 

*college is starting soon! :) or :( ? *


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  1. Hey dear, which college are u going??