Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jogoya with love ♥

Boyfie and I went to Jogoya for lunch yesterday. It is located in JW Marriott KL. My first time,his second time. Heheh,I promised to treat him for his birthday. Jogoya now is giving out discount,I bet all of you knew about it right? :) 1 for 2,which means you are paying the price of one person for 2 person,so 'dai sek'. Taking advantage of it,we've decided to have an early celebration there. One person = approximately RM50. He really enjoyed the meal,I am very happy because he's very happy,hahaha :D

Outfit of the day.
He says that I looked like an aunty,hmph.


Italian dessert + sushi


Dimsum,not bad :)

He freaking love his lamb chop.

♥ ♥ 

LOL,what was my boy trying to do?
*his face looks like horse face* XD

C O C O N U T ! 

Dimsum area.

Horse face drinking his coconut.

Lenglui drinking her coconut.

Credits to my boyboy.

Sexy back,phew-wit!

Honeydew dessert,damn nice,I likey :D

Don't know what soup.

Goodbye my long fringe,I am going to cut you.

LOL,whataya doin darling??!

Cakes,yay :P
I love cakes.
I have 2 stomachs,one is for normal meal,another one is for dessert,heh.

Peanut cookie,looks like macaroon isn't it?

Coconut kiss.

His small 'king' crab.
Fleshless :S

ARGH! Stop poking me! XO

Spot something missing? 
Yes,the chocolate cake's gone,cuz it's so yummy and it's the only yummy one!

You can refill it for unlimited times! XD

This time,donkey face. *it reminds me of Shrek's donkey* LOL!

Taste it,feel it,mmm~

Wanna taste it? I love belgian chocolate flavour most 

A big sign there.

Chocolate fountain with marshmellow :P
Actually...I like the chocolate only,shhh.

Mango VS green tea

Not nice :O

Not smooth one :O

Hehehe,I've treated you~ Hopefully you had a nice time there :) We ate a lot in that 2 hours ( we're only given 2 hours to eat ) until we didn't take our dinner,too full! It seems that we've used our 2 hours wisely,hahaha. Guys,Gojoya's promotion will be over very soon,before it ends,go and try it out,grab more ice-cream! XP 

Boyboy's birthday tomorrow,wish you happy birthday in advance,I wanna be the first one who wish you! Mua 




  1. It seems that you went to eat desserts rather than the main course :P I've been there once last year heh

  2. LOL @ Hilda's comment :) btw the main attractions there I think is the ice cream, desserts and coconuts! The japanese food are just so so to my likings :)

  3. hehehe agreed :P we shld have more ice-cream instead,lol.

  4. he loves his lamb chop, i love your dress! :P glad to know you guys had time to spend together :D

  5. not to bad in taste and worth the price.

  6. Superb place to be at, and now with the promotion even better! Had dinner there the other day.

    My eXperiences -

  7. guys always dont understand our love on those cute dress XD
    im hungry dyT-T