Friday, April 8, 2011

I miss you

Somehow,I kinda miss my aunt & her family in UK. I miss my little cousin Louise! She is so pretty & adorable,but naughty. LOL,kids are naughty. We went to a lot of places,took a lot of pictures,ate plenty types of food,do different kind of things together. I miss those moments much. And now,I am going to return to my student life soon,sigh,time flows so fast until you do not even realise that it is waving their hands saying byebye to you. 

I love editing pictures,the effect I love the most is 'classical HDR' which I'm using it for most of my pictures. It's awesome. Since I was bored,I edited some pics of my Europe trip. LOL...I miss Europe.


First day in Paris.

Meet the clogs! :D

Holland is windy~~~

狂欢节 in Germany,it was crazy.


Luxermbourg,a small country *damn small*

Paul! I miss the lemon tart! ><

And this,is my cousin Louise. She is 5,she is smart & gorgeous. Hahaha,she made my day always :) She is just like her mum,a shopaholic. When I was picking some accessories,she was trying on accessories beside me. When I was trying them on,she said 'Heyy Stephanie,look!'. Guess what I saw. She had a big floral hat on her head,a black sunglasses,a long beaded necklace & some bling bling bracelets on both of her wrists. My aunt told me later,'oh no,I have a daughter just like me.' LOL LOL LOL!!! Damn love her weyy! Baby,I miss you,do you miss me? XD

I miss 'em very much. I can't wait to see 'em again. I wanna go to Oxford Street & go shopping until crazy again,muahaha. I love H&M & Primark!!! Hopefully my aunt & her family is in the pink of health,stay happy forever. Hugs & kisses.



  1. Nice pictures. You had a lots of fun and you will surely miss them. Go back there to study :D You're using which software to edit your pics?

  2. heheh,I hope I will have that chance to study in UK ^^ I use '美图秀秀',it is cool :)

  3. wow! am so jealous oo steph~~~ hehehe

  4. I love the photos! :D What program did you use to edit it ya?

  5. i love the clogs, looks like shoes in banana lol! Louise is cute! omg you got an ang mor cousin :P

  6. hahaha louise is so adorable <3