Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ma birthday boy

Last Sunday was my boyfie's birthday. His friends contacted me earlier telling me that they're going to surprise him with a party and I was invited. But the thing is,MY BOYFIE FOUND OUT ABOUT THE SURPRISE PARTY! Not fun already! And we didn't know why he found it out! I kept my mouth shut,I did not tell him about the surprise,but how did he found it out? The answer is still unknown :S

Alright,back to the topic. So,I prepared jelly,and some of the friends prepared sandwiches,mini hotdogs,fries,carbonated drinks and stuff. They bought pizza and a nice birthday cake as well. The story of how we surprise him is kinda long,I am lazy to write it out,heh :P After we sang the birthday song and eat,we started playing games,real crazy games. Well,pictures shall lead you now.

Waiting for him to come back from his granny's house.
All of us were hiding there,wanted to surprise him when he came into the house.

I was the cake holder :)
Sesame cake,nice right?

The surprise party was thrown one day earlier before his birthday,but it was the guy next to my boy,Wi Hong's birthday on that day! XD

Looked so gay,lol.

His friends :)

Men? Boys,hahahahaha! XD

Here comes the game section.
The first game -- both birthday boys hit the person's head with an egg. If you're lucky,you will not be hit by raw egg but boiled egg.

Sakitnya! It's painful! ><

His turn to hit me,hmph! 
He was softer compared to others larh,hahahahaha :P

Look,cracked :(

And now,Wihong hit Ben pulak XD

The next game.
We're separated into groups of 5,each were given a number on their forehead. The person doesn't know what number he or she is having. Next,we started to add and mix different kind of 'liquid' together.One will pick a number,if the person with the number was picked,he or she will have to drink the mixed 'liquid' as pumishment.

Me adding chilli flakes into the 'Yuck! drink',wahaha! *evil smile*

Second group.

The grey tee guy was damn crazy weyy! He added raw egg into the drink! YUCK! XO

This guy -- Wei Lun lose,omg he had to drink it! 
Pity him,look at his expression! XO

The third group.

Both of them lose,they had to/they were forced to drink that yuckee stuff,eww! ><

EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! XS

The third game -- KING game.
Pick a number ( lets say there are 15 people playing this game,you need numbers from 1 to 14,and the 15th number will be the 'king' ). Who picks up the 'king' will be the king,the king have to order the numbers to do whatever he or she said. For example,'number 5 kiss number 6's ass,then number 6 punch number 8's face,next,number 8 bite number 1's ear'. Then,the people who picked those number had to come out and do everything which has been 'ordered'. Maximum people involve in one round is 5.

I was the king for the first round,how lucky!
As what I've ordered,the pink tee guy kissing black tee guy's eye,lol! XD

Chun Kit ( the kneeling guy ) kissing Han Yang ( the standing white tee guy ) 's ass XD

Grey tee guy smelling Hanyang's armpit XP
I am so evil HAHAHA! XD

Weesin stepping on longman's face.

Look at his face,pity him! XP

Longman licking Weilun's fingers.

I stayed until 1am,I never out until that late before,hohoho. Wanted to stay beside him until the clock strikes 12,and be the first one who wish him 'happy birthday' :)

Weilun took this,for what? LOL.

His horse face again. ARGH,my face looked so big! XO 

We spent his birthday again in the next day. I can feel his happiness on that day ^^ His mood was extremely great,hahaha :D Hopefully he will like the present I gave,next time,I am going to give you boxer :O

Okie dokie,that's all for now. DO NOT EVER FORGET MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT NEXT TIME,PREPARE IT EARLIER AS YOU KNOW MY TEMPER. Love you always boy boy,I know you want me XP 


pixie dust,


  1. lol yucky birthday celebration XD

  2. euwww, the drinks are really yucky! did they get diarrhea the day after? :P

  3. i like this heart warming party!XD
    happy birthday to Ben ya^^

  4. wow! bet he had a blast of a birthday! well done, girl!