Monday, April 4, 2011

I love him

My boyfriend is currently having his exam now. I feel so commiserate that his exam overs when my college starts. How great if his holiday is a few weeks earlier,then we can go dating before we our classes starts :(

Wishing you all the best my dear,I will support you till the end! ;)

Went for a swim with my brother and friends yesterday in Damansara Club. I miss pool,it's been a long time I hadn't been swimming. It's time for me to burn some fats,lol. Seriously,I need to do more exercises,I'm fat >< Had fun with my friends in the pool,I am glad that I did not forget my skills :D Bring me along next time,keep fit keep fit keep fit!

Meet my friend Zane.

Well,nothing much to write. College will start very soon,it is time to prepare some needs. Take care people,beware of the hot weather. Chow.



  1. add more oil to him! anyways, his exam related to picture above? =P

  2. lol...not at all,I just didn't know what to post... :p

  3. By the way swimming doesn't help much in burning fats,despite of the fact that it's the best exercise around.

    Jogging would help more =]

    But of course, I don't see any need of you to slim down.

  4. I love to swim too :) The feeling inside the water is just so relaxing and nice. All the best in your college :)