Monday, May 16, 2011

LS's party

It was Ling Sze's birthday + farewell party last Saturday. She's going for national service for months! Will miss you LS! Btw,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU,you're turning 18 today my dear! :D I was late to her house,yaiks. Guess what her mother prepared? It's STEAMBOAT! Long time no see,fishballs & meatballs & porkballs & many of you! Enjoyed eating with chilli sauce,I am a chilli maniac,lol. There were around 15 of us I guess,I didn't calculate. 

Meet our steamboat!

The second one!
Eh eh,bubbles inside :D

We had watermelons after steamboat.

And salad too :)
We started singing after that...

Beside me was Mr.Tan Shan Hoe.
He sings everything,LOL.

When you guys took this huh? 
I didn't notice!

Lame queens no.1,2 and 3! :D

What am I doing? Hahaha.

Joel and Emily. It was Joel's 18th birthday! Happy belated birthday to you (although I wished you already wakaka).
Spot the lovely grandmas :P

Xue Ren and Tingting! 
This girl ah,refused to take pic with me,hmph :/

Not again? Hey En En,am I that scary HUH?!

Fine,I take with Eelyn :P

Thinking of 'someone'? ^^

Pearly singing.

Me singing. 
My singing sucks,hahaha :D

Kalye singing.

My bestie Brandy!
She was forced to sing Korean song since she knows Korean,lol.
Her birthday is coming very soon,shhh ^^

Bad Ting Ting,don't wanna take picture with me :(

Ting and Emily.
Oh,she borrowed you her phone so you take pic with ler la? :O
So bad one :'(

From left: Ling Sze,Brandy,Kalye,Pearly


Drunk ad,lol...

Will miss you LS! Have fun in camp!

The guys.
From left: Shan Hoe,Joel,Zihan.Christopher,Teikman

LS and her mummy :D

LS and her brother.
Aww it's so good to have a brother! :(

Here comes the blueberry cheese cake! Slurp :P

The lovely siblings :)

Balloon from Emily!


Don't be shy,hahaha :P

OMG,she was holding such a BIG knife! >O<

Me immitating Elmo!
Opps,Elmo has only 4 fingers :(

Emily and LS!

En En with her cake.
Show off huh? Nevermind,I also got cake cake,hahaha :D

Brandy and Joel.


2 little girls.
Spot Ting's face :O

This is a song,lalalala,elmo song,lalalala,lalalala,elmo song.


Shan Hoe and I.

Mummy came and fetched me without me knowing. I wanted to stay longer but I couldn't :( Anyway,had lotza fun with friends on that night. It is always great spending moments with secondary schoolmates,memorable :) Alright,gotta go now. 


With love,


  1. Hppy Birthday to Your Friend, how many kilo you gain? =P jk

  2. i'm so hungry now, u made me even more hungry! LOL

  3. Hee! Ting took photo with me! =P