Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lunch in 鼎泰丰

It's Friday! It reminds me of the song 'Friday' by Rebecca Black,lol. Well,after our art history class yesterday,my friends and I went to Mid Valley for lunch. And again,we were given some weird assignment,this time,it is about stain glass. It is interesting but it doesn't seem like an art history kind of homework. 

Li Jun was the driver,I sat in front because I wanted to protect my 'head',lol not my headmit's my flamingo's head. Wait,I didn't kill,it's a part of my project,hah! It took us 15 minutes to reach our destination. Actually Mid Valley isn't far from our college,that's good :) Before lunch,we went walking around in the mall. I almost bought myself a top,luckily I didn't. Anyway,I still wanna buy myself clothes,just love it. 

We walked until we feel hungry,and finally,we settled ourselves down in a Chinese or Taiwanese restaurant -- 鼎泰丰 for lunch. It was full of people,looks like the restaurant is not that bad ^^ Besides ordering what we want,we also ordered 小笼包 and some small dishes too. Shall let the pictures to do the talk.

鼎泰丰,Ding Tai Fung
The Garden's ground floor.

This caught my eye.

小笼包! XD

One of the small dishes,forgotten it's name :P

Sharen's 素饺子拉面.
So healthy ah,hahaha! :P

Isn't it tempting? Muahaha.


My 酸辣汤拉面,yummeh!

Jun and Corlin's 红烧牛肉拉面.

'I know you want me.' Says the 小笼包.

Tadah,it is delicious,yummy,tasty,it is very nice :)
Rating: 8/10

Sharen's 红豆汤圆.
Not bad :D

We spent RM130++ there,OMG. Anyway,everything satisfied us,so it is worth eating em. Let's have more outings next time,okay? :) Party tonight,see ya peeps.



  1. Come on! You were with Jun and no pics of her! ;-)

  2. can i have the siu long pao? Pretty pls? Lol!

  3. didn't remember having this shop in midvalley lol newly opened? :P btw the food looks really tempting!

  4. tried them when we were in Taiwan, delicious but I still prefer 'tai pai tong' dimsum :D

  5. How's the siew loong pau? I heard this place is better than Dragon-i. Is it?