Friday, May 6, 2011

Freaky Friday

Today is my freaky Friday. Had fun in college with friends and I realized that we can really do silly things. Silly people stick together always,LOL. Today's lesson was art history. Yay,we handed our first project in :P Puan Ting which is our lecturer told us that she will be giving us weekly assignments,so we will have work to do for art history every week. Ouch,what a pain T.T Anyway,this week's assignment is so much fun. Will talk about it when I started doing it :P

Karina brought her camera to college today. So we took some pictures before the class starts,'picoholics',lol. 

This is Wan Rong,she is the youngest in my class.

Karina & I.
Look,I have brown hair :P I swear I didn't dye or anything,it's just pure brown.

We all looked like tourists,hahaha.
From left: Sharen,Corlin,Karina,me,Yok Yee

On the staircase with Yok Yee,lol.

Promoting? XD

Karina and my lunch. We had KFC.
Tried the 4.95 chicken rice thing,not nice one :O

Karina and I stayed back for our first assignment - head gear. We did it in the workshop,it's  at the basement of the college. The workshop's dusty,dust everywhere! There is an uncle,when I asked him how I should address him,he answered me,'everyone calls me uncle.' LOL,after that I kept calling him 'uncle',hah! He worked there for 2 years only but I thought he worked there for many years already,because his ID card was so damaged! XD 

Uncle is a creative and helpful person. He helped me a lot in making and giving ideas. He is a funny guy too,kept making and telling jokes at the same time when we were doing the head gear thing. The assignment is killing me...the base is troublesome enough,later on I still have to add on a lot of stuffs,what a pain T.T Perhaps this is what a designer's life should be. Anyway,I really did enjoy it,heh :3 Thank you for helping me,Karina and uncle!

Spotted this signboard while doing,lol,what a funny rule :P

Wearing my head gear base,still looks funny. I promise it will look much better when it is done ;)

Went for a swim in DPC with my ex-schoolmate -- KT in the evening,or to say late evening. The weather's so hot until I cannot stand,even now I am feeling hot at night :O We were just soaking ourselves in the pool,talking :) We start 'soaking' ourselves from 6.45pm until 8.30pm. Our skin feel like grandma grandpa skin after that :P Went to Max Value,a supermarket nearby for drinks. Thanks for treating babe.

Alright,there goes my day. Kind of dissappointed because did not get the chance to buy myself a cup of discounted Starbuck,next time maybe? Time to sleep,good night peeps :)



  1. Haha thanks for telling me that the KFC chicken rice is not nice; luckily didn't try out or else rugi LOL! hahaha omg PJCAD promoter; hope the place is wonderful! hehe

  2. steph deary! i like ur headband! *looks like a pail tho!* =P but its cute! =D enjoy ur college life! =D *hugs!*