Friday, May 20, 2011

Snowflake . 520

Finally,my boyfriend and I get to have the chance to try snowflake in 'Snowflake'. I bet all of you know what and where Snowflake is as there are a lot of Snowflake branches all around KL. The branch we went was in Kota Damansara which is nearby Sunway Giza mall. The informations are as below.

Snowflake Dessert Cafe
26-1, Jalan PJU 5/10
Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel/Fax: (+603) 6148 2282
Business Hours: 1:00p.m. - 11:00p.m. (Sunday - Thursday),1:00p.m. - 12:00a.m. (Friday - Saturday)

I had high expectation in them because people kept commenting that they tasted so good and stuff,so I wanted to see whether it is true or not. After 'discussing' with my baby boy Ben,finally I have decided to order Taroballs series with set 4,ingredients were red bean,taro and pearl. Whereas Ben ordered Soya series with set 3,the ingredients were red bean,peanuts and pearl. Each costs RM6.50. After we ordered,the cashier gave us a beeping thing called 'Beeping UFO'. When the snowflakes are ready,the UFO will start beeping and you can collect your snowflake at the counter at the same time to return it to them.

Meet the cute beeping UFO. 
It was beeping,see the red lights? :D

This is Ben's Soya series. 

Looks tempting isn't it? :P

This is mine,Taroballs series.

Ice mountain :O

This was how it looks like after mixing it.

Ben's soya series tastes better than mine,mine is just cold freezy ice and tasted like ice only,but Ben's tasted very soya and everything was better than my ice mountain. Ish ish,hahaha :P

This is how I look like before I start eating. But after eating it,I looked different...My whole body was freezing because it's too cold!

For me,I think it's the best to share one bowl between 2 person. Shall try others next time,depends on my mood and the weather. HEH.

As I said,I am kind of like...addicted to Subway's cookies? Hell yea,I am. After today's art history class,Karina,Yok Yee and I went to buy cookies from Subway AGAIN. I eat Subway cookies every week without fail! We are becoming cookie monsters,oh so scary :P


There is something special about the cookies today. Normally they sell chocolate chips cookies,coconut cookies ( I haven't try it yet,I am not a coconut person ) and my favorite oatmeal raisin. However,they are 'absent' today,the chocolate family are representing them! I bought 3 different cookies which were white chocolate cookie,chocolate chips cookie and double choc cookie. The size of the cookies are thicker than usual,they smell very nice too,just like Famous Amos! Ooh,Famous Amos is  !!!

Taken in Subway. I wish my hair could grow faster,please please please! Assignments and presentation,URGH. Gotta finish my flamingo asap,will post a post about my flamingo headgear next week. I wanna say something before I say byebye. 

Today is a special day.

Stay tuned,chow chow.

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  1. Gonna try the Subway cookie one day :D

  2. why u need to grow ur hair faster? =P tangled? hahaha

  3. Makes me feels like having snowflakes already. Miss you deary. XD

  4. you should have try the best coldseller! :P

  5. hehe! my college also selling these cookies too! =P fast fast post up ur flamingo la *wanna see* =D

  6. whoa nice! i love desserts, i have a sweet-tooth :D

  7. i've tried 1 time n now i'm missing it :S will revisit again