Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy birthday Pearl!

Had a packed Saturday yesterday. My day was full with activities and appointments from morning till night. In the afternoon,Wendy my friend came and fetched me for lunch. We went to de Pastry Chef,a cafe kind of restaurant. We insisted to sit in the air-conditioned room but it was full,so we waited for a long time,lol. It has been quite a long time we hadn't meet with each other. We talked a lot,about college and life. Hope to see you again Wendy,lunch again next time! :D

We ordered the same food,chicken bolognese spaghetti. It costs RM7.50,not bad :)

Meet Wendy ^^

I love my Horlick! I am a fan of Horlick,hahaha.

Yesterday was my friend -- Pearly's birthday! We used to call her 'chicken wing' because she tears chicken flesh skillfully. She used to tear mine for me,master chicken wing,lol :P She threw a bbq birthday party in her ex-classmate,Yithow's house. His house is huge :O


When the lame queens sit together...

Cute faces! XD
From left: Ting,Kalye

The living room in the basement. It's a triple storey house btw.
Everyone looked stunned,why? LOL

Eelyn and Szemei.

Me,Brandy and Ting.
She doesn't know that we were kissing her,hahaha.

Sweet girls!

Guess what,when we were having fun,suddenly the whole house turned into darkness. OMG short circuit! XO Everyone were feeling so hot and sweat like mad. I think most problably,it was due to the excess usage of electricity,that's why short circuit happened. It must be Ong Kai Seng singing too much,lol *there's a sing k room in the basement*

All of us were forcing her to wear that mask which was bought by Catherine :D
Poor Pearly,struggled to wear it XD

Prepare to wear...

She finally wore it! Hahahahaha!!! All of us burst into laughters weyy! XD

Merissa forcing her to wear again.

Eelyn and Emily.

Meet the LAME QUEENS! 
From left: Kalye,Brandy,Ting,me
We've always been 'laming' together in the 'old days',it was so fun,miss those moments.

Free posing.


Meet my bestie Brandy,she's my bestest friend in the whole world!

Emily and Brandy.

Szemei and KT.

With flash on.

Without flash,better? :)


Suprise time.
I forgot to eat the cake! .><.

My birthday,lol :D

Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday to Pearly,happy birthday to you~

You forgot the cut a piece for me! HMPH! X'O

She got 2 cakes,one from friends,one from her previous tuition teacher miss Ng. 
Sadly I didn't get to eat any! T.T
*still thinking of the cake*

珍珠妹,happy birthday.

In the sing k room.

Brandy and KT.

Me wearing the mask,nice? XD

Group pic.

Free posing.
Spot my long arm? :P

Oh,that was my outfit for the night ;)
Heart my high waisted pants,lots of hearts 

That's all for today. Got to start searching for infos for my second weekly assignment,sob. Bye peeps.

Can you feel me missing your face?



  1. Haha! I like the picture with mask ! Cute ! :D

  2. yerr! too bad I didn't go =(

  3. happy birthday to pearl! Continue tearing chicken meat for Steph LOL

  4. Wow, a lot of people oh!! The birthday girl must be very happy. =]

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