Monday, June 13, 2011

My personal reviews

Sorry for the delayed post Evelyn. So today,I am going to write about my reviews for 'Rewind' fashion show organized by Raffles on last last Friday. First of all,I think that the fashion show should be held in a more grand venue. Although I do not know about how much the organizers have spent for it,but for me,it should be held in a more high-classed place because there're many medias,VIPs and 'not so VIP',like us attending. First sight is always important,we have to give people a great impression at the first moment we see it. I would throw my show maybe in Pavillion,a more classed club or a grand meeting hall,but sigh,budget always matters :(

There was no food provided. I bet most of us were shocked. Well,I understand the situation because everyone of them have spent a lot of money in organizing this event. It's alright to failed looking for sponsors because nowadays,everyone is trying to 'save money',hahaha. If I was one of the organizer,I would not only prepare beer but also some other drinks like juice as not everyone likes drinking beer. Besides,the event should be started on time. Maybe there was something happening or lack of time to do all the preparations,but it should be handled nicely to avoid this kind of thing to happen. 

This is the stage. The models were walking from the side to the stage. Actually not everyone of us could see the models clearly because the people were all standing and many people were there. For me,I prefer the stage to be in the center,then eveyrone would be able to see the models and what the models are wearing at a clearer view. 

This is the center where all of us stood in. There should be a smoking area and non-smoking area. Yes,it is a club,but not all of them smoke and like smoke. This is just one of my friendly suggestion :)

I've missed capturing many of the garments,I was busy looking at the models actually hahaha. There're many styles presented by different designers and different kind of collections like cool kind of collection,spongy ones,very agony feel collection,wigged ones,newly era collection and pure white feminine collection. I couldn't get all the messages conveyed by the models,perhaps I am still very new and doesn't know how to feel the garments. I suck now,but soon will be no more ;)

This is the kinda cool ones. For me,it looks like a witch who dressed up in a cool and daring way. There's a sense of hate and reluctant in it.

I like the way the designer used wig as the skirt. Overall,it looks sporty (maybe it's because of the stocking). Um,it's like the person has big dreams and the person is going to fly high to achieve his or her dreams (based on the aero-sleeve). The skirt is seriously cute :D

I feel very supernatural when I see that garment,I wonder why. One word to describe,cool. And the thing is,I like this collection.

I bet this collection is most of the people's favorite,it's my fav too :) It is obviously one collection. They might look simple,but the 'not simple' part is hidden (the fluorescent light). I was amazed by the garments when the light was turned off. I wow-ed.
The designer is smart to 'play tricks' with the audience. She knows how to make her models 
to stand out by arranging all the models to stand on the stage waiting for the light to be 
dimmed. That's really cool. 

When they shine.

Sorry for the small number of pictures posted. They're just my reviews and opinions,I didn't mean to offend or badmouth,I am just writing based on what I am imagining my future fashion show to be. The garments are all great,the designers sure spent a lot of time and hard work in them :) And also all the organizers who worked so hard in making it successful! Hope their lecturers give them a good grade. 

Thanks and bye ^^



  1. hehe as a pro view over here, they should not have smoking on the fashion show . . . later the cloth and design got burn how? heh

  2. lol... honesty is the best policy! :)