Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm back! XD

Hello people! I am back from London!!! XD Oh my God,I miss home & all of you so much! It has been ages I hadn't been updating my blog like...3 weeks? I was lazy,sorry :(

Malaysia is shoo hot,I can't get used to it right now,hmph :/ Btw,London is such a beautiful country & it's a great shopping heaven,I wanna travel there again if I've got a chance,maybe with my boyfriend? :D *boy,start saving money right now*

When I heard of Japan's,I was so shocked. I almost cried in front of my family but I tried not to. Pray for'em,God,please help the victims,please give them light & hope :'(

Alright,I will not write much tonight because I am extremely tired. Will post a lot of pretty pictures soon! Stay tuned ;)

pixie dust,