Friday, March 13, 2009


Owh...December...I feel sad...cuz I am going to turn seventeen soon (I am not even sixteen =.=).
I will miss my so called 'honeymoon year' althought I do not think so.
Honeymoon year?? Why not a killing year?
And next year will be sure die year,hah!
I realised that,many things had happened to me this year,performances,stupid results,
my body's situation,my friends,and...
I have faced a lot of new stuffs and get to know more friends this year.
As I am growing elder,perhaps,I am getting mature too,I started to think,think more.
I am scared to face my future,but I am always wondering how is my future going to be.
Mum says that I think a lot,too much,over the limit.
I don't know,I am scared,I don't wanna be alone,I need listeners to listen to me,to listen my expressions of myself.
But it's hard without Yeowxin.
Sometimes,I wished that I could have a sister,an elder sister.
I will share my problems and thinkings with her,I love pillow talking.
I will not hide anything from her,cuz she will be my bestie.
I will treat her well,and listen to her stories,and go for shopping,and play with our pupp Jackee,eat together,bath together,sleep together.
Too bad,I am the eldest having 2 younger brothers.
Christmas is coming soon,aunt Iris is sure to be very busy.
Busy buying things,presents for kids,and everything.
Alex and Louise,be good to mama yea! ^^
Hahah,Alex is kinda hamsap,hahah!! XD
And i have always be his 'victim'. Nevermind,kids.^^
If he does that to me when he is grown up a bit,I will sure kill him and stuff his head into the toilet bowl!
Hmm...I know where will we be going during Christmas...SHOPPING!! XD
We went to 1U every Christmas,for shopping! XD
I bet this time will be the same too.^^
I love Christmas. Christmas brings happiness. :)
I love the twinkle little thingies hanging on the wall,christmas songs being played in the whole mall,the cold freezing temperature,Christmas trees,cute gingerbread man,
nutcracker,the food,rain deers,presents,Santa,and the feeling.
It is warm and simply makes me happy.
Have to stay at home today,and again.
Go watch TV later,hahah,that's the plan.^^
Form 5s' are having Physics paper today,wish them luck. And so to my cousin bro Fat.
Szemei's coming over my place soon,and we will watch 'Confession of a shopaholic' later.^^
So...that's all for now,bye people.
Smile. :)


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