Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things I do

Hello,I am back :) I am sorry for not posting new posts often,there're too many things to do,like assignments :'( So what's up now? Recently,I won a giveaway competition on Facebook organized by 'The Fashion Bloomers'. 

So cool,teeheeee :P

What we need to do was to complete the sentence --


My answer was -- 
I want to have this limited edition
 sundress for spring because I wanna rock this lovely spring!
By the way,it is not who you are wearing,but what you are wearing ;)

Thanks for all the people who liked my comment,and thanks for giving me this lovely sundress! FYI,the sundress costs RM160 and it's limited edition. I am lucky to own it and I am really thankful for it :) To know more about The Fashion Bloomers,please view

Chun tak? XD
A big thanks to The Fashion Bloomers again! :)

Next next next. How's my study life doing? It's doing all fine,I mean,fine. So far so good. Hopefully we'll get a new pattern making lecturer as dedicated and nice as Ms.Melina! :) There's a lot of work to do,so far I am done with the drawings like ...

Instagram tsk tsk tsk :P
They're drawn by pen. I spent hours for each,imagine how many hours I have spent on these 7 figures @.@ One of my black ink pen KO ad,lol.
What do you think? :)

Besides drawing,I have journal to print,notes to research,patterns to draw,mini skirt to sew. Holy sheet,I have no idea how to do the patterns and mini skirt. Totally clueless. Gotta work extraordinarily hard,giddy up Steph,giddy up!

Finally get to spend some time with my girlfriends last Friday night. I miss all of euuuuu! >< Had a very early birthday celebration for miss Brandy,miss Ting's having exam soon so we've decided to do it in advance. Miss Brandy was shocked and even shed tears,aww I know I know,just gimme us hug XD

top: Miss Brandy aka roti canai, miss Kalyela Mars ( Bruno Mars ehem )
bottom: Miss Ting aka Chandria and me,muruku
I wonder how on earth we got those funny Indian names from,trollolol! 

We had fun chatting,they enjoyed their yummy food while I enjoyed my bread... I was having stupid sore throat :'( Aigu,siaopos I miss you ad! .><.

I am so glad that it finally rains. I used to dislike rainy day,but now I love rainy day! I am done with hot weather,too afraid to fall sick and have sore throat again :'(

That's all for now. Shall go get some sleep since it's raining,huhuhu~ Have a nice day ahead,chiao~! 



  1. Congrats on your winning and I srsly think that your drawings are beautiful :D Wouldn't know that it's hand drawn with pen until you mentioned it, brilliant!

  2. YERRR.. You so chun...i look at myself, *shake head*..btw, gratz babe, u look superb in that ....!!All the best in yr future..okay?;p

  3. U can really draw, babe!! Miss u so much!!!
    Congratez tat you win the dress, looks good on you. =]

  4. congrats :P ya la ya la berry chun hahaha

  5. I love the drawings. I started drawing again too, for the past few days. I'll show you when I can alright =)

  6. lol sangat chunnn! hahaha anyway congrats~ =D

  7. wow ! Your drawing is really very nice ! Awesome ! =D

  8. Congrats!! You look great in that dress!!
    Ur drawings are nice :)

  9. gratz dear! u look awesome with that dress! :)