Friday, April 20, 2012


Hello,long time no blog,paiseh paiseh >< Well,I am back to college again last Tuesday. I am having Moral,pattern making,illustration and fashion movement class now,it's gonna be hectic! >< Our final assignment for fashion movement -- fashion show. Too bad only 10 of us will be shortlisted out of 17 :( Gonna work hard for it,gambadeh! Will talk about the show more next time :)

Something had happened recently. My pet dog Jacky,he passed away on Monday morning. No one knows until my maid saw him not moving in his cage. I felt so sad,and I felt so bad and helpless. I did not spend much time with him. I miss him. He would bark whenever he sees strangers or my maid's friends,but now...there's nothing.

I was about to leave to 1U with my boyfriend to celebrate his birthday in advance. He came,and that's when I heard my maid shouting. I ran to backyard and I couldn't believe what I saw... He was not moving,and he didn't seemed alive anymore. I didn't know what to do,I burst into tears,and I couldn't stop myself from sobbing and crying. I freaked out. I didn't dare to look at him,I felt so sorry,I was so sad! I cried whenever I look at his body... We 'hi-ed' that morning,and then he was gone. It was too sudden,too sudden...

Ben hugged me and comforted me,he said that he is free to go anywhere he likes now,yes,he turned into an angel and I believe that he is enjoying his life with other doggy angels in heaven,playing happily. We buried him in front of my house,and I prayed. After that,we went for karaoke and we sang for 5 hours non-stop,my throat hurts,but I wanted to sing out loud,and again,I cried,and cried,and cried.

It's Friday today,and I am getting over it. I am not crying anymore,but whenever I think of it,I will tell myself that he is an angel now,he is in heaven. I should be happy for it,he will feel sad if he sees me upset. I have to stay strong and face the truth. Although he is not here with us anymore,but he will always be in our heart. Thanks for being with us for 9 years,thanks for everything you brought to our family,I am sorry for what we've not done enough for you. I will always think of you,please stay with us always :')

Sleep peacefully my dear Jacky,rest in peace... :')

Grandma cut his hair,so weird,hahaha...

Jacky,I love you,I miss you.



  1. i totally understand that feeling. although my dog died 2 years ago, i can still recall that day very well. the agony was so horrible. it didn't help when i found out at work... had to hide in the toilet and cry the fuck out for an hour. went home, and cried more... until the next day... still couldn't get over it. but eventually i did but i still think of her every day.

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  2. condolences to him :( getting a new doggie?

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  3. Owh maii! I feel so sad! I will definitely miss Jackie. Don't be too sad deary. Stay strong :)

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