Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My holiday

Well,how do I spend my holiday? Gaah I feel quite upset because college is gonna reopen :'( I'm gonna cry? Hell no. I am gonna work hard,even harder,I promise to do my best ;) Go Steph,hwaiting!

Alrighty,back to the topic. How's my holiday,lols. I was just slacking myself at home last week,although I wanted to go out and have some nice,fresh air in the shopping mall... Oh,lemme correct it,I mean park,yes park :P I wanted to jog but I was lazy. Nevermind,forget about it.

I finished the Hong Kong drama -- On Call 36 Hours in a few days time. I was a nice drama,and I learn a lot about life :) The drama was okay in the beginning,but it became more exciting and nerve wrecking later. 

Watch it if you're free :)
Wuwuwu,I think I can't do this when my brand new semester starts next week :'(

Next,I have read a few books including one novel which was given by my boyfie. It is not weird to receive a book from your boyfriend,lol. I was just kind of shock,but happy shock ;) The book he bought for me was -- Bewitching. An interesting story I would say. I was addicted to the story. Thanks dear dear for the interesting book! Muaaa~ <3 And now,I am reading the book by Sophie Kinsella,'Remember me?'. Well I have bought this book long ago but I never touch it. I felt sorry for the book hehehe :P

Hmm,I guess I will be back for my book now,can't wait to finish it. I'll blog again soon okay? Stay tuned ;)

Peace out.



  1. on call 36 hours.. nice! i like! ahha ..so touching some more

  2. HEY ! i finish watched that drama in my boyfriend's home the other day. it was a nice drama indeed :D

  3. more drama is coming out already :) im watching the one with police haha

    Latest: You're Hot and Cold!

  4. wooo. i want watch that movie but no time :(

  5. I've watched on call 36 hours too, was addicted but I thought it would have been better. I can't wait for my hols alrdy!

  6. bewitching? LOL wonder what is that about! lol do blog about it k?! =D

  7. woots! on call 36 hours is darn awesome right? love kenneth ma! =P good luck for ur college life dear! *fighting!* <3

  8. walao u must be dam crazy in this drama huh> ? XD