Monday, March 19, 2012


当我们同在一起,我们会干什么呢? What will we do when we are together? Yes,pictures taking and being silly. This is what we do best! XD

Wait wait wait,I haven't reveal who the 'we' are right? They are Miss Tan Xue Ren and I! Before that,we went to jog in DPC this morning. I wanted to jog or even walk so desperately because my weight is...increasing... T.T I have to stop it from happening to any part of me! *God bless* I haven't been stopping myself from eating since...ages? The alarm has switched on,oh no. Luckily STYLO event is starting today and I will be on duty as dresser at the backstage form Tuesday to Thursday,I gotta move a lot to shake the fats away! Shake shake shake!

Back to the topic lols. We walked for 4 big rounds and it took us an hour,like seriously? I forgot that we were there to 'run' instead of walking,lol. Anyway,I am glad because we did sweat,although not a lot,but still... :) After DPC,I was in crave of getting 'bean curd flower',taufufah *direct translate eh?! XD* So,we went to the market and got ourselves breakfast -- nasi lemak,fritters and taufufah. Very filling breakfast :P

After breakast... Dang dang dang dang~ Here comes the time when we transformed into picture pros! We snapped a lot of pictures by using my lappy *I actually named it monster because it's black*. The quality isn't that good but we had lotza fun! XD We had continuous shoots and eventually we were out of idea of what to pose! No matter what,we still had fun :P

Miss sword and scaredy cat.
Our expressions are epic weyy! HAHAHA!!! XD
Don't kill me! No way! LOL!!

When moustache meets moustache,this is what happens.

Okay la,one normal one la XD
Hawaii girls!
Elo my name is Lila,she's my friend Lilo,and we're from HAWAII!

I really like this one,so nice! Edited by me *of course!* syok sendiri,hahaha :P

I love this too,hahaha!!! XD
Epic faces!!! LOLOL,super love!

Last but not least,more silly faces!
I love the second one,hehehe :P

Had a nice time with Miss Xue Ren. Missing all my high school friends! It is so good to have all of you,otherwise,my life would be a blank piece of paper. Gonna blog about my outing yesterday with my lovely sistas in The Curve. It was a celebration for Eelyn as her birthday is coming! Had lunch in Paddington house of pancakes and second lunch in Secret Recipe. Guess what,Secret Recipe is now having promotion,buy 3 free 1! XD Don't miss this chance!

STYLO starts today,gonna wake up super duper early tomorrow. Hopefully everything will go on smoothly :) Gonna prepare a couple of black attires for it.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the pictures,have a nice day ^^

au revoir,


  1. haha! so cute la both of u ! >.<

  2. haha! i'm glad to have u as my sisters too! the edited version is so funny la weyy!! but i love it Lila! =P tag me tag me! :D