Monday, March 5, 2012

Despicable me!

Remember 'Despicable me'? The second episode is coming out next year! I haven't watch the first one but nevermind,my holiday is coming *praise the Lord hohoho~~~* The trailer of Despicable me 2 is out and I am very addicted to it!!! I watch it many times a day okayyyyy! Cuz it's too cute and funny! XD

Nah,here's the trailer. I bet you will laugh when you watch it! Ba ba ba ba ba ba na na ba ba ba ba ba ba na na potatooooooo~~~ *HAHAHAHAHA LOL LMAO* I think I am crazy,lol. Just wanna share something funny here,hopefullly you will be as crazy as me and laugh like crazy everyday! 

The second bean bean couldn't stand the third bean bean,look at the pissed expression,so cute!!! HAHAHA!!! XD

People,must watch it okay?!

Stop laughing Steph.

Cheeeeeers (Y)



  1. I like this movie too!!!!!! all the bean so cute! ahaha! ;DD

  2. aww! can't wait to watch this too! :D