Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I am goin anywhere this holiday. Last Saturday,I went to Mid Valley with my aunt and uncle. She was meeting her old school mates and finally we have decided our destination,ZOUK Cafe in The Gardens. It is located opposite Dome. And again,I ordered what my uncle has recommended -- Tequilla sunrise.

Here you go,my cocktail 'Tequilla sunrise',RM16.
It tastes like beer with bits of lime and orange taste,nice :)

I ordered chicken lasagne,RM22,just love cheese.
Nomnomnom :P

Very casual wear that day,wanted to dress up simple.
The food was not bad,the environment was nice,but service wise could be better :)

Bought some new clothes and new shoesss this few weeks,happy me! XD My new shoe cabinet's gonna become full in a short while I guess :P 

Stylo fashion week's coming,gonna prepare myself and black outfitsss for it as a backstage helper. All the best to everyone who's gonna participate in the event,have fun and cheers!

And again,stay tuned for my Malacca trip post ;)