Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hi everyone,how's everybody doin? Just came back from Malacca today,I am beat >< Gonna blog about my Malacca trip soon,stay tuned. Last Thursday,I spent time with my little cousins,uncle and brothers in Aberfeldy,German bar 德国啤酒馆 which is located beside Old Town White Coffee in Menjalara. That was my first time sitting down in a bar enjoying drinks,officially. 

Working time:
Mon - Tue: 9am to 10am, 4pm to 2am
Wed - Sat: 5pm to 3am
Sun:          12pm to 1pm, 7pm to 2am

Here you go,my uncle's beer,Stella...Stella what? LOL

My cocktail recommended by uncle,'sex on the beach'.
It's a lil bit sweet stuff,nice ;)

Meet my cousin Louise,missed her lotzzz! XOXO

She's the silly face queen,notty princess! XD

Meet my uncle and cousin Alex,had a great time chatting with them :)

Sex on the beach,what a name,hahaha.

Everything was fine in the bar,nice environment,nice place,nice drinks,nice food,nice talk.
Nice place for friendship bonding :)

On Friday,we went to 1U and had lunch in TGI Fridays. This is what I will order each time I visit TGIF -- nachos!!! Love the sauce,superb nice (Y)

My nachos and oreo milkshake,love oreo <3

I looked weird,lol. 

I am so exited about this holiday,time please do not pass so fast,I wanna enjoy my holiday and do everything I want! But what I wanna do now is to sleep...beh tahan! Stay tuned for mu upcoming post about Malacca,good night peeps! <3 xoxo

Stephanie C.


  1. hoho enjoy ur last few days of holiday! ;)

  2. Ur cousin is super cutie pie :)

  3. I love nachosss!! I've only tried the one from Chilli's though