Saturday, March 17, 2012

Malacca Trip

Hello,I am back with my Malacca trip post ^^ My aunt and family left Malaysia yesterday morning,back to their country. I was so reluctant to say byebye and I cried. I was afraid to hug my little cousins because I know that I would cry even worse. I am a water pipe,lol. No matter what,I will always miss all of you in my heart,like hell!

We have planned this trip earlier and we were thinking that the kids would love to play in the water park. Final decision -- A'Famosa. We had a 3 days 2 nights trip from Sunday to Tuesday and we stayed in a villa over there. The villa was nice,big enough for all of us as there're 4 rooms,2 bathrooms,a kitchen and a big living room. Owh,and a private pool! XD Many of you might think that A'Famosa is a boring place,but we don't think so. On the contrary,we had lotza fun ;)

We went to Malacca town but we did not actually visit around because it was too jam! Maybe it's because of holiday season. We couldn't get parking spot so finally we have decided to leave the town and head back to A'Famosa. Had bak tuk teh and durian cendol before going to villa! Have you heard of durian cendol? Of course everyone knows what cendol is,but cendol with durian? Yes,you can get it in 'Tan Kim Hock' food product center,it is selling outside and the price is RM5. It is a little bit expensive but worth trying *if you like durian*! My cousins and uncle dislike durian and they called it 'cat weed',lols. Maybe foreigners don't use to the smell and taste :P We took rest in villa after that and started our fun journey on the next day.

The pictures shall do the talking ^^

Blue sky,nice weather. 
Here we were in Malacca town,but too bad we did not stay there longer :(

Have you seen the twisting thing before?
It's twisting potato and it comes with flavors!
Which one do you like,cheese,salted,BBQ? They have more than 10 flavors,whoa :D
Here's my gorgeous mummy with her cheesy twisting potato!

Cutie pie cousin Alex and his cheesy twisted potato.
He super loves that!

Look at my silly billy cousin Louise.
She is always with her silly faces on! HAHAHA!
Lulu,I miss you already! :'(

Her holding durian cendol,she doesn't like it but she smiled?
Cute fella lol :P
Isn't she beautiful? >w<

Me holding 2 super extra big lollipops in Tan Kim Hock food products center.
I actually saw Mr.Tan passed by heading to his office when I was playing around with my cousins.
He is a cool man with a white coat,white hat and white pants on,like a boss,seriously :P

My aunt,Alex and Louise.
What a cute shot! :D

Us back to villa from town.
Time to relax oursleves and our 'smell so nice' feet in the pool.

On the next day...
After taking breakfast in 'Golfer's Terrace',we headed to Water Park straight without having the time to digest our breakfast,hahaha.
All of us were so exited because we all love water parks!

That was the first thing we played.
Max 4 people in a float.
Tell you what,that was so fun! XD
I never dare to play those kind of water activities before but this time was different.
I played everything which was available although I was feeling a little bit afraid!
I have grown up as a brave girl I guess? :P

Another water activity.
Alex and I shared a float.
I was wondering why he actually tipped into the water,thanks to him,I tipped too.
Naughty you Alexy! *punch* :P

My mum was feared of it,when she got out of the pool,her face was like @.@ and D:<
LMAO! Pity her. Mum,it was very fun okay? HAHAHA! XD

The little fella loves all the water activities,she is braver than I thought!
She enjoyed much with her daddy,look at their happy face :P
Love this pic a lot because it is so natural and beautiful ^^

Err,what's with Alex and his high up legs?
I know why. Too fun and exited! XD

Us in the 'river'.
What a long river,walked until my legs almost cramp =.=

Look at my brother Anthony's syok face.
Was my brother bullying Alex?
No,Alex wanted to pull the float all by himself,very strong boy! :D

Popo and aunt,mother and daughter :)

At the pool.
We love the artificial waves max! <3

After water park,my cousins,uncle and brother went for elephant ride.
I wanted to ride as well but never mind,I will have chance next time :)

When we got back to the villa,there comes our second round...
Swimming in our private pool!
They just love jumping into the water,hahaha :P

Spot something?

There you are :P

After having dinner in Golfer's Terrace again,we went to Cowboy Town to watch shows. Our tickets included 4D movie and red Indian show. 
Before red Indian show starts,we went for movies.
There're 2 movies -- the haunted house and underwater world.
Of course I wouldn't watch the haunted house,I need to sleep at night! XO

The red Indian show was basically performers inviting guests to participate in their show and to have fun together.
A red Indian lady invited me to join and I was quite shocked as I never thought that she would asked me for that,lols.

Spot me? :P
It was quite an awkward and funny moments with the people,hehehe.

The man eats fireee!

I know,I looked awkward and funny.
We were required to follow what the red Indian does.
If you think that those were serious movements,you're wrong.
Their moves or tricks or even shouting were funny and awkward and they made us to copy what they do!
There were 5 of us being pulled out,when I saw the first go done by the first red Indian,I was like 'SHIT...'.
What's even worse,my uncle actually recorded the whole thing when it was my go!
Please do not upload or show it to anybody else,it's so embarassing~~ T.T

According to my aunt,she is not afraid of any animals.
What a brave girl Louise!
Even her brother Alex didn't dare to touch the snake :P
I took a picture with the snake too ^^
C'mon,it is not scary,lols.

One of the performer in the carnival.
It's a guy with coconut big boobs and very big ass! 
The crowds all did whistles and phew-wit when he came out,lols! XD

That was when we were watching elephant show.
Luoise and Alex feeding the elephant.
I fed the elephant also! XD
Tell you what,their nose is always wet and they have big nostrils :P

Alex,naughty but very sweet boy :P
Miss you already! .><.

My daddy and Alex.
Alex is the champion!
He loves football and Man U,just like his father.

Mummy,Alex and daddy,and weird looking ostriches behind.

Little pony come to mummy,aigu it's so cute! 
I love ponies!!

Look at my silly Louise,always the funny one! XD
I miss you so very much darling,can't wait to see you again,all of you! :'(

Took this in monkey island.
There's isn't much thing to see over there,quite boring.
Anyway,beautiful peacock they have there :)

On the boat heading back to the port from monkey island.
Very simple boat I can say,it's not actually a boat though,it's just pieces of floating woods with an engine,a few seating and a roof,that's it :)

Missing the moments with all of you. It was fun and crazy. Although it's just a short coming back to Malaysia,but I believe that we will meet again very soon! Next time,I will bring all of you to Marche and The Itallianese as what I've promised ;) Owh,and karaoke!

Life still goes on,everything is back to normal. Used to wake up at 8 every morning and go to the market with my aunt. Why? For food :P *she misses the market and food here of course!* Let's go hunt for shoes and clothes again when you're back next time,will be your driver and tour guide :)

To all of you in far far away land,
Love John,Ling,Alex,Louise

Stephanie C.


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  4. i remembered having the cheesy twisted potato too! that's delicious :D

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