Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Saree girls

Hello people,I am back to blogging world ^^ I was very busy with my assignments these days and finally,I have handed in everything today! XD I am not 'free' yet because I will be having 2 exams next week. How great if there is no such thing as exams,I will praise the Lord D:

What's up to my class recently? Yep,we just had a presentation on Monday,it was for fashion history. There're 5 groups with different topics from 70s to 90s and one special topic -- traditional clothes *damn it,stupid mosquito kissed me thrice*. My group including YY and Nana and me were doing the traditional one. We have chosen Indian traditional costume at last :)

Guess where we all changed our outfit? XD We changed in the sewing room,felt so paiseh,lol! Wanna see my saree?

Tadah~ Steph in purple! :P
A BIG THANKS to miss Abee my friend for the saree!

We all had jasmine flowers on our hair.
We smell very good on that day! :D

The 3 'happy saree girls' according to Mr.John.
VANAKUM! Don't we look nice in saree?! *syok sendiri* XD

I think that the presentation was not that bad. Hopefully we will get good marks in that ^^

Class photo after presentation.
Everyone looks great! :P

Alrighty,that's all for now.
Gotta study tomorrow,good night people,sweet dreams ^^

Stephanie C.


  1. Dey, which one is you? XD

    Kidding. Cannot recognize you in that outfit.

  2. Everybody looks great! Looks like everyone is having fun.

  3. i've worn saree once, and i find it so difficult to walk while worrying if my 'sarong' will come off haha

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