Monday, April 9, 2012

New semester,new life

Okay,so my brand new semester is starting tomorrow. Sad case huh? I hadn't been doing anything meaningful during this one month holiday,but I do enjoyed it. At least I need not to worry about deadlines and stuff. What have I gain in this holiday? Well,I think I am heavier *sobs* Hopefully I will lose a lil weight when college starts :)

My first class tomorrow -- Moral studies. Can anyone tell me whether it is interesting or not? I looked through my boyf's paper notes and I find them...weird and boring. I heard people saying that it is hard to score for this paper,is it true?

I went to watch 'Wrath of the Titans' with my boyf last Thursday. I was too lifeless and I had to do something,so yes,movie :P 

So that's the big boss. He's on fire. Lols.

The trailer was a bit scary because the monsters all look a bit disgusting,especially the saliva... If you ask me how the movie was? I would say,'Mmm,okay,can be more interesting'. But anyway,it is still not bad ^^ Can't wait to watch 'The Hunger Game'. I bet many of my friends have watched it,but I haven't :'( Hope to watch it on Wednesday,ohh yeah,it's a public holiday! XD

So we're gonna get our results back tomorrow *nervous!* >< Wish me luck people :P
New semester,new life. We're in semester 4,semester 5 or semester 4 part II? Confusing lol. Hopefully everything's gonna go on smoothly,I am gonna enjoy the whole of my life ;)

Aza aza hwaiting!!!



  1. eh Hunger Game gonna end soon :( better watch it fast hahaha

  2. all the best in ur new semester :D

  3. and THE VOW!!!!!XDD
    make sure u bring yr bf...;)

  4. hoho good luck in ur new semester! =D

  5. gambateh dear, for ur new sem! and thanks for ur wish lovely in my recent blog post! :D