Thursday, October 13, 2011

Go go go! )

Miko fashion show is just around the corner. I haven't complete my garment yet :X It was actually 80% done,but I had to redo the top because there's some problem,so... T.T 

Anyway,I just receive good news ( very good news for YY XD ). We get to stand on the stage together with Miko,the famous hair dresser! XD The show is on this Sunday,5pm sharp at Pavillion. Hohoho,if you are free,come and support support oh ^^

Our poor mannequin... XD

Look at our hands,岁月不留人阿~

We have been doing the garments for days,and I overnight at YY's place for a few days ad. The conclusion is...we work until sot jor XD

We camwhored with our towel!


We LOL at Mr.John's comment XD

Love my 'hairstyle' XD

Amitabha...God bless me and my garment...

A normal one.

Don't know what pose :P

Neck and headache!
Love this pic the most,really in pain ah XD

We are still working hard on our garments. Gambadeh bah,everybody! Can't wait to see all of the garments,wish us best of luck! Au revoir!


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