Saturday, October 29, 2011

Photography class @Orchid park

Thanks to the outing to Orchid park on Monday,my skin has turned dark now =.= Oh yes,we have photography class in college and that was our first outing for the class. We will be having a few more outings soon,can't wait :P So,our first destination was -- Orchid park. Why Orchid park? Because there're many types of flowers and orchids to become your picture background? Lol,just a smart guess.

I realise that I have not been blogging for quite some time. I am sorry bloggie,I have tons of work to do,wanna date more also tak boleh. Sigh,I can't wait for my holiday! >< Alrighty,shall share some lovely pics now. I find pictures speak better than words *OR I am just being lazy to write more XD *

Karina and I.
What's with the pose? So cute,lol XD

I personally love this pic,nyahaha :P
Got Katy Perry feel right? *perasannya! XD*

This is my new fb profile picture now,like this pic as well!

Meet the awesome three <3
Love this pic!
From left: YY,Karina,me

Not to forget,group picture!
So this is us,the fashion group.

Shall end this post fashionably.

Je serai le designer de mode haut de page suivante dans le monde. Impressionnant.

au revoir,
Stephanie C.


  1. Wah, so cool! Even have class for photography (: Love the shot that looks like katy perry hehe

  2. so nice! can i join too? xP love the second photo! looking good!

  3. wow your college has class outing! it's so nice! i wish mine would be the same too :(