Saturday, October 8, 2011


I don't think I have mention about this in my bloggie before... Wait,did I or didn't I? Forget about it. Mico and Andy,M'sia's well known hair stylist have requested us to be a part of their upcoming fashion show in Pavillion which will be held on next Sunday. Why us? Yes,we are the designers. This is a bit different. Why do the hair stylists need us? They do the HAIR right? Oh yeah,the show is not only about the hair,it's about our garments as well :)

So,they made each of us to design 2 designs,and the 21 of us are separated into groups of 3. I am in the same group with Karina and YY. The 3 musketeers,aww :D On Tuesday,their helpers came to our college,and all of us have briefed our designs to them. They were choosing 14 designs out of 42 at first,but according to my lecturers,they have changed their mind to make it 20 designs. Mico claims that the designs are nice and well done,we are so happy for it! :D 

Guess what? One of my design is chosen! Besides,one of Karina's and YY's are also been picked! XD aww,we are the awesome three larh. Hmm,I think I will 'reveal' my design after the show,be patient and wait for it okayyy? :P 

We can't avoid having problems when we are making the garment. First,we are NOT ALLOWED to use cloth but CARDBOARDS or any paper board stuff. Second,colour. The designs are separated into 2 categories,A and B. Category A has to do purple garments with different gradients,Karina and I am in this categorywhich means we have to use purple for our garments no matter what. The both of us need to change our original colour palette T.T Moreover,it is hard to get purple paint,they can be rarely found on the market. I hope I can get nicer purples though :/ 

Well,it is kind of challenging,but I am sure that we can do it well :) There's a good news,I will tell you after the show. Stay tuned :) Err,I am kind of worried of my garment but...all the best,Steph!

Good night.

au revoir,
Stephanie C.

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