Monday, December 27, 2010

Cookies . Love ❤

I baked cakes & cookies with my cousin sis,Mi-2 on last Friday. Yeeing,I promise that I will bake specially for you next time,wahaha! *wink* ;)  That wasn't my first time baking cakes but cookies yes. I thought it'll only take a short time but I was totally wrong. It took us 3 holly hours! I bet we had a good night sleep on that night.

These are the recipes of the cake & the cookies.

cake flour - 1/2 cup
cocoa powder - 1/2 cup
egg - 4
sugar - 1/2 cup
baking powder - 1 small spoon
salt 1/2 small spoon
oil - 1/4 cup
milk - 6 tbsp

Choco Flavor biscuit
butter - 50g
egg - 1
white sugar - 1/4 cup
red sugar - 1/4 cup
cake flour - 1/2 cup
chocolate chips - 1/4cup
baking powder - 1/2 small spoon
soda bicarbonate - 1/2 small spoon
cocoa powder - 50g

milk - 100ml

Oat biscuit
cake flour - 100g
baking powder - 2 tsp
butter - 120g
milk - 3 spoons
oat - 85g
sugar-  4 spoons
egg - 1
salt - 1/2 tsp

milk - 100ml

They aren't that difficult to make,just mix the ingredients up,pour them into the tray,put it into the oven,adjust the time & wait for the oven to 'Ting!' patiently. Oh,better add less milk into the paste,otherwise the biscuits will turn out into cakes. That's what we did. LOL XD

Pictures shall speak now.

The apparatuses & ingredients.

'Secret Recipe' 


Chocolate snow. So pretty!

Stir stir stir.

Gambadeh dear Mi-2!

Oat,good for health.

BIG oven!

While waiting...

I made square chocolate chips!

One of the baker of the day 

The power of the mixer shocked us!

Can guess what that is? Let me reveal the answer.
It's butter.
It looks more like tau foo fah,yucky.

After 20 minutes of waiting...

TADAH! Our beautiful choholate cake has finally done! WEE~!! XD

Biscuit time.
Paste for oat biscuit. Keep stirring.

She's pro than me! ;)

'Baby stage' of oat biscuit.

Piak piak piak.

Growing 'mature'.

Messy table.

Hahah LOL! That's why I told you not to add too much milk! XD
They can't be solidified & will turn out into cakes instead of COOKIES!

They are nice but...
They love each other much,that's why they stick together,I see :)

Chocolate + oat paste *baby stage*

*Ting!* adult stage!

Look yummy right? I tell you,they tasted not bad! XD
*victory is ours!*

They're suppose to be cookies but sigh... Less milk for harder cookies.
Get it? :)
( it might be hard to stir the paste but who cares,for better cookies,you can do it for sure  )

The second round.
( the smaller the paste,the better the shape of the cookies )

The third round.

Wipe some oil on the tray before you add the pastes so that the cookies can be easily taken out after being baked.

Tadah,our lovely cookies! 

Nice right? ^^

Attention please,

Remember to wipe some oil on the tray,control the amount of milk you pour,control the temperature & the time you set to bake the cookies & cake. For the cake,20 minutes is needed ; temperature needed will be 180 degree celcius. For cookies,10 - 15 minutes will be enough ; 130 - 150 degree celcius would be lovely.

Spent my Christmas in 'Palace Of The Golden Horses' which is a 5 star hotel + the most expensive hotel in KL. We girls took pics ;)

Meet my cousins ( from left ) --
me,my eldest cousin sis Flora,my younger cousin sis Mi-2.

That's all for now. Enjoy baking & happy be-earlied new year! ;)



  1. Great job! Unfortunately I'm the chef type of person and not the patisserie part of it. *sigh precision cooking/baking will kill the final outcome and me :p

  2. Alvin: Hahah,don't worry,I'll eat anything as long as it tastes nice! XD
    Kukukata: Heheh thx ^^

  3. *gulp*
    *staring at the biscuits*
    can i? HAHAHAHA

  4. Haha! so kiuttt laa. When I first baked cookie it also turn out to be like cake HAHAHAHA fol. But anyways guess you had a lot fun there. Nice!!

  5. woah!! the cookies look yummmy leh >.<

  6. woww..nice :D yum yum i want some cookies :P

  7. Hahaha,okay okay guys,next time I bake for all of u yea ^^

  8. lol the way that need to stir, very hard =P

  9. lots of food post i visited tonight, *drool*

  10. Hahah! Food's our fav I believe! X3 Cuz we can't live without it ;)

  11. Ahh ur chocolate cake and chocolate cookies look nice>< i wana try TT