Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Dumpling Day ❤

Yesterday was dumpling day. As usual,we prepared colourful dumplings & each of us get to ate them,we have to,as it is a Chinese tradition. Dumpling day has a special meaning. It means family reunion,团圆. Each family member has to reunion one this special day to to have a family reunion dinner together. My family had it on last Sunday :) Oh yea,if you want to make creative dumplings,you can add Smarties,that was what my daddy & I did last year,when they were cooked,all the dumplings came out very colourfully because of the colours of Smarties! XD Yumyum~

Came to cousins' house & overnight for 4 days 3 nights. It has been a long time I hadn't sleep with my cousin sisters ^^ Well,I did some shopping yesterday,again. My eldest cousin sister Flora,my brother & I went to Sunway Pyramid in the morning. While waiting for Flora's friends to reach Pyramid,we walked in Asian Avenue & I managed to bought some stuffs. In an hour time,I bought a floral skirt,a pair of blue cute little hair clips & a necklace. Kesian my purse T.T I bought a bag before I leave too,tamaknya~

This is where we had our lunch -- T BOWL a.k.a toilet bowl! It is a toilet concept restaurant. That's why all the stools,tables,bowls,plates & even cups are very 'toilet-like',hahaha. The prices of food are reasonable,the taste...not bad :)

Meet T Bowl! 

This is the menu.
There's a toothbrush on it.

The table or the basin?

There's a suggestion here. Instead of letting it empty,why not we put some fake toy 'feaces' inside? I bet the customers do not dare to sit on them anymore,yucky. Hahah!

My 'moment' with the toilet bowl.
I wasn't doing anything larh! XD

My 'stool'.

Flora's 'stool'.

Ng ng~ >.<
Doing business,shhhh.

Mushrooom soup. P.S.very little.
Look at the tub,so cute hahahahaha.

My icey honey lemon tea.
The cup is in a toilet bowl shape!

Flora's ramen.
Can I have the bowl please~?? Kawaii! >w<

My cheesy chicken fried rice.
The dumplings weren't bad.
Nyum yum yum.

My bro,Anthony's spicy spaghetti.
Caution: very spicy.

Shit? NO! It's chocolate flavoured ice-cream! XD
Looks like a snail isn't it?

Vanilla flavoured ice-cream.
I prefer chocolate.

Miss chocoshit & me.
Sorry if I make you feel nausea XD

Cute decos!

Look at the pink colour 'sh*t' hahah.

Beautiful Christmas tree.


Mister Snowman!

Hug hug.


Meet browny bear.

Big white fluffy bear!

'Crushing' the bear softly.
Me: 'Ngek ngek ngek.'
Bear: 'Argh OUCH!'

Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow~


Group picta with snowmanssS & mini santa claus!


Poor big birdie,have to stay inside the big plastic bubble T.T
Hahah kidding larh,beautiful decorations ^^

Loveee my outfit

One of Flora's friend. A bit awkward,hahah.

One day,I want you to hold my hands,protect me from falling down & skate with me. Together :)

Owh,I've changed my phone. Meet my new baby -- Ruby.
Model: Sony Ericsson Vivaz.

My red beauty.

Love the bag I bought in Asian Avenue yesterday.
I heart you my lovely babeh!

Alright,that's all for now. Looking forward for Christmas. Will be celebrating it in Palace of Golden Horses,a 5 star hotel in...Subang? Happy be-earlied Christmas people,hohoho~ Merry Christmas~

'Your sugar misses her salt'



  1. You're so pretty! And so TALL! How tall are you?
    And I love your bag! SO pretty!

  2. wow....the choc ice cream look so alike too...eherm..think you noe what i meant..HAHAHAHAHAH...

  3. eh...i was at sunway too yesterday! with my whole group of cousins. haha

  4. The only thing that look familiar to me is the Sunway Snow globe and your stylus. I once own it with my G900, but lost it within few months.

  5. aww so cute:} and I love the bag!!

  6. Nice foooddddd :D feel like trying it :)

  7. Michee: Thx ^^ Just 163cm,not very tall actually,hahah.
    Vivian: I get u,hahah!
    Joel: I didn't see u also,Sunway Pyramid so big orh.
    YY: Aww too bad :(
    Laila: Very nice right? Hahah! Heart it so much! X3

  8. toilet concept's a little disturbing...haha

  9. i've always wanted a jack union bag! nice one babe :D

  10. wow! nice phone deary! =) loveee!

  11. Omg you were in Pyramid! We're so near yet so far T.T

  12. AWWWW your bag is sooo hawt!!i love it!

  13. Lilian: Let's try it together next time! X3
    Philip & Miss N: Heheh,but it's creative oh ^^
    Hilda: Thx! I've search for it for a long time :D
    Snowman: Aligatok!
    Chuen: N big + fluffy + soft! :P
    Yeeing: Sigh..hope to see you! We have to meet,one day!

  14. Hi, I'm from Brazil and I love meeting people around the world.
    What is your age? What is your country? What are their cultures and how you celebrate Christmas and New Year? What would you like to do there?
    I loved your photos.
    Excuse the many questions, but do enjoy meeting new people and cultures. xD

  15. Oh! That's the Toilet Bowl Restaurant! ;D ahahah

  16. The squad bowl.. Aiks~ thats still not acceptable for me!! Lost my appetite!!

  17. Didn't try Ninja Joe? Right beside T-Bowl mah =P

  18. Jemsen: Yeap,there's one in Sungei Wang too ^^
    Kahmon: Hahah,there's a piece of transparent plastic on the squad t bowl,don't worry! ^^
    Kian Fai: Cuz t bowl seemed cuter & more attractive,hahah! What food does Ninja Joe have?

  19. In a way, it looks kinda disgusting..LOL.. I wont dare to go thr if they seriously put fake stool, I know some fake one looks really real...geli.

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  20. Chuckie cotton: Don't worry,there're just stools,there's nth inside! X)

  21. The Chocoshit is very cute! Merry Christmas!

  22. hi! that our interest is the culture of China! very different from Brazil. here we have family dinners and exchange gifts.
    Usually spend New Year on the beaches and see fireworks. Or spent with family or friends, is pretty cool. Do you have msn? I can add? would like to have further conversations with you!
    xoxo: *

  23. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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  24. been hearing/reading so much about this t-bowl restaurant! i'm gonna go one dayyyy :D haha awesome photos!