Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life after SPM

I think I am now one step closer to become a pig.  [ (oo) << piggy nose ]  Oh I am so bored!!! Can somebody tell me what to do??! Well then,I shall post some pictures here. Less words,more pictures as pictures are alive & they speak.

Well well,what do we have here? Oh,it's Stephanie in uniform. Aww...That will be my very last time wearing green school uniform. In my school,students who wear green uniform are librarians. I've become a librarian since form 1,loyal right? ^^

I'll miss you,my greenie uniform.

I think my maid did not iron my baju kurung properly....
Ignore it.

I am no longer wearing uniforms! Woohoo! XD

Daddy bought lotza DVDs a few months ago & finally I can get to watch them all since exam is over. I bought some animations as I am a kinda little fan especially seeing those pretty outfits & hairstyle the characters were dressed in. I am now watching a cute anime -- 'Shugo Chara'. The story is about eggs & trust. Eggs? Not the eatable ones,HAHAHA! XD  It says that all kids hold an egg in their soul,it's the egg of their heart,yet unseen. The 'eggs' are actually guardians. They are small,mini & very X100 cute! They protect & give strength & power to their owners whenever they feel depressed or disappointed. They can even undergo character change which gives them special abilities to rescue other people or to defend themselves from the enemies who are trying to search for the 'embryo',the egg which fulfills ones wishes. May try watching it,the stories aren't bad ;)

Let me introduce the characters since there's much time for me to spend,muahaha.

Hinamori Amu -- the Joker a.k.a the main character.

She's kinda funny & stubborn but she acts cool in front of the others always.

Tadase Hotori -- the King chair.

Amu admires him,huhuhu!! X3

Nagahiko Fujisaki -- the Queen chair.

A typical Japanese girl.

Kukai Souma -- the Jack chair.

He's the football team leader.

Yaya Yuiki -- the Ace.

She loves cute stuffs & she has a baby character.

Their enemies:

Ikuto Tsukiyomi -- a mysterious 'cat' guy.

He has a kind heart & he saves Amu each time she faces danger.

Utau Hoshina

She is a beautiful famous singer. She loves Ikuto but her love was not accepted by him.

These are the eggs I have mentioned. They belongs to Amu.

POP! Miki,Ran & Su! They are Amu's guardian charas. How cute,I want one :D

This is how Amu looks like after character transforming.

My favorite SU! She's adorably cute & innocent looking! Hearts! She's good in cooking & sewing.

Them with their guardian Charas.

Alright,shall get back to Shugo Chara now. Heheh,I am not childish right? X3 Oh yea,I am getting myself an LG Lollipop,what do you think? :) Okie dokie. See ya guys. Happy holiday.

Oh I wish I could have a guardian,too.



  1. Nice! :D
    BTW, LG Lolipop is nice. But it's a little to big. xD buy PINK! it's cute :D

  2. Yea yea,I am going to buy a pink one. I actually like big big phones,hahah! XD

  3. stephanie...i am falling in love with u..heheh..:)

  4. i am waiting for u...please give me a time and chance...

  5. stephanie...i'm serious....since i know u when i was first chat in innit,i interested to know u...

  6. U actually looked very pretty in the uniform. Elegant might be a better word :)

  7. Amer: U r only interested. That doesn't mean anything :)
    Kelvin: Elegant? Hahaha,thx ^^

  8. finished spm.....go travelllllllll!! :D

  9. relax lo.. b4 start another stage of life...

  10. Does Ikuto likes Amu?? Just a guess though :p hahaha!!

  11. guardian? what bout the legal guardian? haha

  12. Hahah...yea,I have to relax my soul... Go go go! Have a great start! X)

  13. Waa... good life!! I need a long holiday too, can I? I gonna watch all drama and shop till i drop. XD

    ok, dreaming..gotta work!

  14. Lilian: I guess so,haven't finish watching it,hahah!
    Philip: They are not the same la,hahah!

  15. Maybe you can find a part time job to fill up yr boring time :3 HEHEHE

  16. Hilda: I don't know what job I should go for..>< I have a month break on January only,or I should just relax & get ready for a new start? Sigh..
    Laila: I bet I will miss wearing it too,someday... :)

  17. grats on finishing up SPM. welcome to my world of Holidays with nothing to do..haha

  18. Thx :) Holidays...I just hope that I will not become fat,tats all =.=

  19. wow..i wana watch this anime liao.looks interesting.,btw,lg lolipop is cute!XD