Friday, December 31, 2010

When the clock strikes 12...

I bet many unexpected things will happen in this new year. Since I've graduated & left my dearly secondary school *omg I will be officially graduated tomorrow!* ,I will be facing a new life out there with new exiting adventurous challenges. Raffles,a design school which I've been looking forward all this time,hopefully I will be one of them. Oh yea,my ambition is to become a famous fashion designer like Kimora Lee Simmons :D Google her & you'll find out how awesome & fabulous she is 

Alright,back to the topic. *shit I can't think of what to post when I'm hungry* Okay,I shall be posting about my new year wishes then. *stop singing my little tummy,mama's gonna be very angry*

Ehem,attention please: 

first of all,I would like to wish all human beings on earth a very Happy 2011!!!

world peace 
no bad guys *cannot be larh,police will have nothing to do*


get slimmer/cut down 1 or 2 kg ( Do I look fat I fat? )


more new clothes *yeap I'm that materialistic :P *

I need a new cupboard,mine is way too full...


I want my life to be filled with happiness,suprises & LOVE

I wanna love people like how I love myself except for my boy who he has got my extremely 'special' kind of love :P

get 1cm taller?

I can't wait to touch my Ipod Touch! 

'the more you eat,the more you get to slim down' OMG what theory is this? lol

bigger eyes? Hahah!

*sheath I'm getting really really hungry*

I want my miss Meowie to be happy & confident again,be tough,girl :)

& so to my sista brotha inniters! Stay pretty & charming forever! ;D

I want my pet dog Jack Jack to smell nice everyday

hopefully my brothers will improve themselves in everything single thing...

to meet Leehom again? He's really charming!! :D 

 no blood test,completely free of 

needles will not prick my fingers when I'm sewing

no stomachache,no PMS-ache,no whatever ache...

I wanna get richer! :D

I wanna get my P license & drive like a mad bull

blackheads & pimples thankiew

have nice long healthy straight silky hair just like Rapunzel...

I can't perm & dye my hair before my hair stops dropping right? DUH

be brave & more confident

improve my broken English cuz it sucks

nicer teeth?

longer legs?

not afraid of water,darkness,ghost,monster & fishes anymore?


Last but not least --

The only woman in this world who can BULLY you,HIT you,show temper at you,sit on your lap,touch you,hug you & kiss you will be ME,MISS STEPHANIE SUGAR. *I feel like I am dominating the world already * lol

Just telling you that I'll love you forever & ever. Don't forget to miss me when I'm in UK. A sweet reminder: REMEMBER TO CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP STATUS IN FACEBOOK.

Aww you're so naughty <3

My lazy bumbum baby

Love you,xoxo

Alright,that's all for now. Shall get some sleep later,gonna countdown with him tonight ;) 

Happy new year people! Have a splendid new year eve!
May my wishes come true!!!

A new year gift for all of you -- my picture. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! XD
It's a new life babeh!



  1. eh i saw my name there!
    thankieww getting stronger and stronger because of you guy's support =)
    love you babe!
    and guess wad?
    im going to gv you a new year pressie~
    my kiss!mwah~♥
    happy new year!^^

  2. whoa! so many new year resolutions! haha! i don't even have a single one! and you n your boy is way tooo sweet more! haha!

  3. Joel: Hahah,wish more ma! XD My boy? Hmph,he dam childish,hahah! Nway,love him lotz! ^^
    Cheesy: Hahah,thx n u too ^^

  4. awwww you're gonna miss high school for sure :D and i hope you can achieve all your resolutions ! haha so many :D happy new year !

  5. You look so pretty in the last picture! Hope you can achieve your new year resolutions esp fashion design :D good luck!

  6. LMAO! Good luck with all your aspirations girl, and btw, YOU ARE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!! Theres nothing wrong witcha XD

    Oh, and I don't mean to be a killjoy but I don't really look up to Kimora as a designer...maybe a fashion mogul, but not a designer. She can't even design...err I don't think she ever has actually, baby phat is just a brand with a few designers working under it.