Sunday, December 19, 2010

Education Fair @ Mid Valley

These,were how my living room looks like on Thursday. I was bored,so I decided to clean ( or to say 'dump' ) those grandpa grandma books & exam papers as they have been reducing our spaces. It took me 3 hours & guess what,I found my UPSR paper =.=  Holly,I wonder how many loads of rubbish I have been keeping all these days. Recycled tons of previous exam papers & books. My nose was blocked due to the dust,kept sneezing at that time. Phew,I am glad that it's over =3=

Went to Jinjang hospital for body check up on Friday. I HATE HOSPITAL!!! .>O<. I hate the smell,I hate the wads,I hate seeing those patients suffering from their sickness,I hate seeing babies crying,& I HATE NEEDLES!!! Why on earth do we have to do blood test? Needles hurt! Since we know that it hurts,why do the cruel cold blooded nurses still poking it into my skin??! When I was told to take a blood test,I SCREAMED! I screamed in the wad,I screamed in front of the pregnant doctor,I screamed in front of all her assistants! I started crying 'hysterically'! MY GOD! It was too sudden & I wasn't even prepared for NEEDLES! The test has to be held in another room. I did not stop crying when I came out of the wad,everybody's looking at me but I didn't care! I am scared of needles so what? That's not illegal. I cried & cried & cried,mummy & my auntie pulled me into the blood test room but I kept running away from them! They were so evil,EVIL! I called my boyfriend & talked to him,but I was still terrified! ARRRGH! .><. When I was in the toilet trying to comfort myself,an auntie came & started talking to me. I know her! She's my previous Maths teacher,Mr.Teoh's wife. We started talking & holding each other's hands,my palms were as cold as ice cubes,my heartbeat was ultimately fast. We walked slowly into the room & I requested for her to stay to accompany me. When the needle poked into my right vein,OMG OUCH!!! I did not gave out a cry but continue talking to her. Stupid needle! My heart was finally relieved when it was over. What a pain T.T 

ECG test was the next. Google it & you'll know what it is ;) Hospitals are just,evil. DUUUH.

The hole T.T

I will take good care of myself & never enter any hospitals anymore! I promise! ( I looked ugly =.= )

Went to Mid Valley for education fair yesterday. The crowd was...O.O LOTZA people went there & it has caused a heavy traffic jam =.= Luckily my mum & I went there by KTM. We headed straight to Raffles's booth as I didn't wanna waste my precious time to go shopping. Talked with Jason,the counselor & Raffles's big boss,Mr.Frank for 2 hours. My butt hurts,yaiks! Oh yea,that was my outfit of the day :D I always love that dress.

Took our lunch at Nyonya Colours,yumyum! AT LAST,we started shopping!! It's my passion,I believe every girl does. Heh :P I was actually looking for Y-square,YY but I failed to contact her because my stupid phone was acting stupid again! It shut itself down,& the battery is stupid. I am sorry YY,I am sorry for not giving you any calls or texts ;( Bought a skirt from P&Co which is my fav shop,a dress,a cardigan & a bracelet from Pink Evil Fashion Supermarket,a cardigan from GEB & a belt from Vincci Accessories. Hmm,I am not satisfied. Daddy picked us up at 6 & we headed to a cookie shop for new year cookies. There're many sample cookies for us to eat,so *heheh,evil laugh* We ate them like there's no tomorrow XD Took some pictures too. I guess I was just bored.

Nah :D

Meet my younger brother,Anthony.

Meet my youngest brother,Andrew.


Smile :)


What pose was that? =.=

Oh no,my saliva's dripping *slurp slurp!*

Christmas tree!
Look I am taller than the tree! XD

What do you think?

Angel,please make my wishes come true. I want a happy & healthy family,I want my boyfriend to stay happy & healthy as well,world peace,& a new beginning on 2011.

That's all for now. Chow 



  1. edu fairs are pretty crowded at this time, coz spm and stpm leavers will be looking for a uni.. haha.. :)

  2. Wad at midv jst now.. Visit from lomaikai #innit

  3. banyaknya activity. not only the education fair! haha!

  4. Ken & Melvino: Eeeeh,maybe I saw u guys without knowing who u r XD
    Lilian: Thx! ^^
    Joel: Hahah,of course,cuz new year is coming! Shopping is a MUST.

  5. Thx for loving my dress,hahah! I hate hospital because it has a sad cold feeling in it :( CNY,the time to makan makan makan! XD

  6. I love the angel! And hope yr wish come true!

  7. Girls always look nice in dress, I think I gonna wear more. LOL!! Hopes to go Edu Fair but I know is crowded... I wanna look for Part time course, see whether which college acceptable. =[

    Btw, I scare needle too, I hope i would never go for any check ups!! T,T

  8. Joyce: Thx! :D
    Yeeing: Terrible right? =3=
    Kahmon: Needles are evil...what part time job r u looking for? Im looking for one too,I am too free ad...><

  9. needles are painful because they are good for your health :D and good things always comes slowly and painfully :P

  10. OMG thats alot of books there!!

  11. Pris: Good but painful,still not good! HMPH >.<
    Cassy: I even saw a cicak,dam hiperbola =.=

  12. haha girls hate needles!
    maybe im the freak which love injection?? LOOOL