Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My 17th birthday wishlist


Finally,I am back to my bloggie!!! XD It has been a long time I hadn't update any new posts as I was having SPM ( actually I am still having it ) but who cares? I am in a very delightful mood now,and I wanna blog. Oh well,Bio paper ends today. My last subject is Art and I am having it next Monday. I can't wait! X3 Hmm... The papers were overall,okay. I wanna get at least 8 A's,hopefully my dream will become reality :) 

I was kinda shocked when I saw those Bio paper 2 questions,luckily I am still handling it quite well. I guess. Something really made me gone mad. There was a question asking what disease a person is getting if one of his or her chromosome in the 23th pair of chromosome is absent. The answer is suppose to be Turner's Syndrome but I wrote Parkinson disease. I know that they are not related at all but yet I still wrote it! I didn't expect that they will be asking that kind of questions,hence I did not pay much attention towards the last 2 chapters especially the last one. 1 mark is gone,nevermind. What makes me really mad was the stupid protein question! I actually answered the right thing but I went crossing it & write the wrong answer! HOLLY MAMA! I was like 'What??! What the h*** have I done??!' Why am I so silly? Hmph?

Okay,let's get back to the topic. As my birthday is just around the corner,I have decided to sorta 'create' a birthday wishlist since it is such a BIG day,hahah. Let's us see.

- I wish to have a big suprise :)
- I love accessories especially hair bands & bracelets,I want more.
- A romantic candle light dinner?
- More clothes please,I will not satisfy.
- Hopefully dad will not chase me out of Malaysia,I just wanna study here.
- I wanna study in Raffles Design Institution.
- A must to change my grandma phone,faster show yourself up you I-phone 5.
- I want a never-gain-weight body.
- I am craving for cakes.
- Can't wait for our railway date! 
- I wanna watch Narnia + Harry Potter + Rapunzel,I feel outdated,SPM's fault.
- I wanna drive! HeeHah!
- I wish my friends & family to be happy forever.
- Hopefully the 2 guys can grow mature mentally.
- Aging keep me away,you're not loved.
- Can I become smarter?
- To search for solutions for the 'NS issue' ( it's cracking my head already ).
- And lastly ( not actually the last one ),I wish that our relationship will last forever & our love will never ends. I just wanna be with you :)

I have too much dreams,they are not just to be written but to be achieved. I want my dreams to come true & I promised that I will work hard on it.

Yay,I can have good night sleep starting from tonight. For me,SPM is over!!! XD Hulala! Duh,amali for 6 hours tomorrow...Nevermind,I can sleep there.

Dinner time. Bye peeps.
Good luck for those who are taking Accounts :)

Miss Stephanie ❤


  1. wish u get what u want for ur bday =)

  2. all the best with your list :)

  3. all the best with yr last paper and hope all yr wishes come true on yr birthday! :D

  4. you are so pretty! Nice blog too! I'm following your blog! Follow mine too if you like =)

  5. Thx people :) Heheh,I am finally turning 17 tomorrow! Love my birthdaY❤

  6. May your wish all come true and get what you want,k? Sweet girl!! XD

  7. Hope all your wishes will come true :)